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trayvon martin was over zimmerman when he shot and killed the teenager. >> the clothing was 2 to 4 inches away, consistent with someone leaning over the person doing the shooting. >> reporter: that is how zimmerman described it to police after the shooting. >> he was on top of me like this. i shot him. i didn't think i hit him. he sat up and said you got me. >> reporter: he also said the teenager could have lived up to three minutes after being shot and could have moved his arms under his body after zimmerman had spread them out. the defense is trying to convince jurors zimmerman acted in self-defense but the prosecution says that doctor's testimony doesn't positive who started the fight that led to martin's death. >> you're not saying who attacked who, whether it was george zimmerman attacked trayvon martin or it was trayvon martin who attacked george zimmerman. >> that's correct. >> reporter: they got the witness to admit he was being paid but the doctor's testimony was still effective. >> what the defense just did, they brought in a forensic expert who has tied all that evidence togeth
testified the screams were george zimmerman. the defense claims the neighborhood watchman shot trayvon martin in self-defense after the teenager attacks him, but the prosecution and martin's family believes the screams came from the teenager. the case could turn on who the jury believes the aggressor was during the deadly confrontation. during cross-examinations prosecutors pointed out that andra osterman and her husband mark wrote a book about the case with the proceeds going to zimmerman. they spent thousands buying zimmerman clothing for the trial and supporting his defense fund. >> since you've contributed on his behalf you want to believe it's george zimmerman, correct? >> it is george zimmerman. >> reporter: zimmerman's best friend said he helped zimmerman pick the gun he used in the shooting because it would fire easily if he needed to defend himself. >> joining us now to talk about the defense's first day of testimony in the george zimmerman trial is d.c. trial attorney former maryland prosecutor debbie heinz. thanks for coming in. it was all about the 911 tape today. if you a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2